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How to Schedule Your Class

For Classes Taught Daily (ACLS or PALS provider Initial Certification or Refresher (Complete  CLASS WITH SKILLS) and Skills Classes (​​​​​ACLS, PALS, or CPR)

1) Pick the date you'd like to take the class on the appropriate class calendar, below. Scroll to bottom of page on mobile devices or flip your phone sideways for better view

2) Click on that class and sign up to reserve your spot. 

3) You will receive a confirmation email once you have successfully signed up. Check your spam folder if you do not see the email in your inbox. You are now scheduled for the class and your spot is reserved! WE NEVER CANCEL A CLASS. ( SOME CLASSES ARE OPERATED INDEPENDENTLY BY INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS)


How long are the classes?

PALS Initial Certifications both take 2 days to complete.  However if you can pass in the refresher hours without help on your test you can take it in the refresher hours. IF YOU FAILyou have to come back for another session, however we will not charge you more.

You may stay longer and complete the class in 1 day or come back for a 2nd day.

You can pick what day for you for your 2nd day the same day of class if you can not complete it on the first day.
PALS Refresher both take about 6 hours to complete because we run very small classes. Classes are completed in 1 day. The time depends on size of class and your ability. If you need more time we take the time. We have free study guides on the website go to the bottom of this page for the links.

When signing up pick 1 day only and after your class pick the 2nd day IF you need it. We run very small classes and students are able to understand the material much faster!


How do I add BLS to my PALS class?

 TO ADD CPR TO ACLS OR PALS JUST TELL US THE DAY OF CLASS.​​ If you lost your BLS card or need BLS you can still take PALS. the cash price is $60. 

Are books required for PALS or BLS?


YOU MUST HAVE A 2015 or newer AHA BOOK THE DAY OF CLASS NO EXCEPTIONS. You can buy online, bring your own book or buy the day of class with the link below. 

We don't sell hard copies in class only E Books. We do this to decrease our carbon foot print.

(Having a book is AHA'S RULES NOT OURS! All Training Centers have to follow these rules Each student needs a book for every class. We don't loan books)


If the website is down or you have issues we can help you the day of class.

Click below for AHA Ebook.


(Ebooks can be used anywhere and when they update the book they are cheaper to upgrade)

Are Pre test required?

For PALS yes. BLS NO! If there is an issue finishing/ accessing the pre test we can help you the day of class. 





​​​$120 Cash only  COMPLETE CLASS with skills or Skills only. You can also pay with your credit card for $155 using Venmo the day of class.

PALS Course Description

The American Heart Associations Pediatric Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support is an Instructor-led classroom course. The goals of the class include enabling students to:

Provide good communication in emergency events. 
Provide systems of care and immediate post cardiac arrest care.
Provide proper airway management.
Ensure appropriate pharmacological treatment.
Function in group learning and testing stations in case-based scenarios.
Provide basic life support skills, including CPR and airway management with a bag mask device.
Provide management of other life medical emergencies such as ACS and stroke.
Provide Effective Resuscitation Team Dynamics. 

PALS $120 Cash discount or $155 Venmo Pay day of class

PALS Elk Grove Below is the full class with skills. Click only 1 date! If you cant find a date that works or need skills only go lower in this page to see your options.

If you can't see the CALENDAR click here

Cant get in a class for a certain day?

You can do the online part 1 and sign up for Skills only below

Click here for the online skills part 1

Bring your completed online part 1 and preform your skills and get your card the same day.

For skills only sign up below.


SKILLS ONly part 1 must be done